3DE – When and how did you begin to deal with 3d art?

I started my 3d Career 15 years back, started as a high detailed 3d automobile modeler, after spending 1.5 years in that domain, moved towards 3d architectural field, meanwhile I kept working on my conceptual renderings which I loved to do the most.


3DE – Did you improve your 3d knowledge by online tutorials-books or did you ever take an 3d course?

Improving my 3d knowledge & skills by doing lot of practice and by reading online articles and interviews given by industry professionals like Alex Roman, Ronenbekerman, Marek Denko, Lucia Frascerra, Evermotion, 3d Empire, Jeff Mottle, Chaos Group, Corona Renderer, Matthew Bannister.

3DE – Which softwares do you use?

3ds Max, Corona, Vray, Forest Pack Pro, Photoshop, Lumion.


3DE – What kind of workflow do you follow during the creation of a scene of yours?

First I visualize the concept, then I collect the references and after that I prepare the storyboard, then I go with the basic sketch, after that I collect the appropriate resources, then start doing the modeling, basic scene setup, texturing, camera angles, lighting effects, final and detailed scene setup,  and after the final rendering, I proceed with post production, then I share my work with online communities for their feedback.


3DE – What are your motivations while working on a new scene?

The thing which motivates me a lot is the support, love and appreciation given by other artists and 3d communities.


3DE – Do you ever loose your motivation and passion of 3d sometimes? If you do, how do you deal with it and get back into your mood?

Sometimes I do get demotivate when things doesn’t go as I planned, I mean sometimes when I visualize some concept and when I come to face problems like lack of resources and time. At that situation I just look at the artworks of industry professionals and work of 3d communities artists and I cheer up myself, and I look at my old work which are appreciated by artists.

3DE – When we check your works; we see that you mostly deal with concept-themed scenes instead of average usual interior or exterior renders. Is there a special reason for this?

Love to do the conceptual themed scenes, whenever I have spare time I visualize the scene and I try to bring story in my art.


3DE – What kind of difficulties do you meet in your business sector of interior design regarding 3d art?

Client’s never give time and money these 2 things play a major role in business sector.


3DE – Which one is more important to you; Making an artistic render or Making a render in least time possible to present to the client?

Making the artistic renderings makes me more happy and gives me more motivation than the commissioned artworks.


3DE – Which one is more important? The software or the talent of the artist who uses that software?

Talent of the Artist is more important than a software, a real artist doesn’t need any specific software to prove his ability, If he has a good visual sense and visualization power he can bring the amazing artwork in any 3d software.

3DE – What are your advices to newbies?

Follow your dreams, there is no shortcuts in 3d field, the more you practice the more you improve your artwork, you will have to give your heart and soul for creating an artwork.