3DE – First of all; Would you please shortly introduce yourself

A.H.- My name is Aliaa Magdy Hussien. I am 24 years old.

I am an interior designer who is passionate about 3dart

3DE – How and when did you get involved in 3d business?

A.H.- I studied interior desing so I needed to visualize my work. This was my first step in the 3d world.

I worked in many offices ,then it became clear to me that in order to develop myself, I needed to practice a lot independently. So, I started working on individual projects, posting them on multiple platforms and benefiting from either negative or positive feedbacks.


3DE – Which 3d software do you use as main programme?

A.H.- 3dsmax and Corona renderer

3DE – Which render engine do you use to render your scenes?

A.H.- I used to use Vray but I have been using Corona renderer for six months now

3DE – We see that you always work on interior scenes. Is there a special reason for this?

A.H.-  I thought it would be wise to start practicing on smaller projects such as rooms in order to really grasp most of the techniques  such as materials, lights also modeling until I get better then work on enviromental scenes which is what mostly prefer. I am well aware of the differences between each type but I believe that all our work comes from one source and that when you grasp the essentials of the source you can develop at any other branch.

3DE – Would you please tell us what kind of process do you follow while creating a scene?

A.H.-  First of all, I have to have an idea even if it’s just a mix of colors.
second, I search for textures, suitable blocks and everything I need to model
I love creating my own materials and sometimes I seek inspiration from other sources.  After that, I work on the project then render
But the most important part for me is preparing for the project to ensure that it becomes a one of a kind project.


3DE – Do you use Photoshop or a similiar software for post-production?

 A.H.-  Yes, of course I do.  No one can deny the importance of Photoshop as it adds enhancing touches to the scene.

3DE – What kind of difficulties do you face in this interior design business?

A.H.-  People who ask me to design for free.. believe it or not that’s what we do for making a living!

3DE – What’s your main goal for the future?

 A.H.- Becoming one of the greatest 3D artists

3DE – What’s your advices for newbies?

  A.H.- Spend most of your time searching for references and seeking inspiration from various resources because a mixture of both can elevate your project.


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