EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW >> ‘Interior king’ Ahmed Ismel



3DE – First of all; Would you please shortly introduce yourself?

A.I. – My name is Ahmed Ismail and I am 30 years old and I got the certificate in 2012.

I was studied business administration at Ain Shams University.

One of my most important hobbies is reading and teaching sports, physical fitness and boxing.

3DE – How and when did you get involved in 3d business?

A.I. –I started my studies in a three dimensional world in 2007.

I was working in this period as a beginner.

It was a difficult time for me because it was really difficult to reach information.

3DE – Which 3d software do you use as main programme?

A.I. –I’m working with more than three dimensional program for 3D models but I use them to help me create my own scenes.

As for your question; I use Autodesk 3D Max as a basic program for configuring my scenes.


3DE – Which render engine do you use tor render your scenes?

A.I. – I’ve always used  Vray to render my scenes and that’s because I aim to render my scenes very realistic.

3DE – When we check your works you always work on classical interior scenes. Is there a special reason for this?

A.I. – In the very beginning, I was working on the modern scenes and I loved it very very much.

At first i did not enjoy working on the classic scenes, But later it turned out to be quite the opposite. I have started to love classic scenes for their luxurious, beautiful and fun details.

In the last period I started working on many palaces in the Gulf sister countries, I saw myself into classic scenes inevitably.

3DE – Would you please tell us your workflow from beginning to end please?

A.I. –In the beginning, the scene needs an idea, which is the most difficult stage of design, And when you get to the idea you need to convert the idea into a three-dimensional stereogram. At this stage we begin to enter the programs used to reflect the idea.

Attention must be given to details to get more realistic, then move on to the rendering

  3DE – Do you use Photoshop or a similiar software for post-production?

A.I. –Yes, I use Photoshop for Post Production.

3DE – What kind of difficulties do you face in this interior design business?

A.I. –The biggest possible problem facing the creative designer is the design idea.

3DE – What’s your main goal for the future?

A.I. –I hope to become one of the most distinguished designers around the world known and I also wish to own one of the world’s largest companies in the world of 3D models.

3DE – What’s your advices for newbies?

A.I. – They must put in hard effort to reach more realistic scenes

In order to professionalism, it must be self-updating to keep pace with technological development.


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