EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW >> ‘Sketchup emperor’ Amr Fawzy Awad



3DE – First of all; Would you please shortly introduce yourself

A.F.A – My  name is Amr Fawzy Awad . I’m Egyptian. I’m somone came from a country life. I’m a draftsman and I’ve been working in Kuwait city since 2009


3DE – How and when did you get involved in 3d business?

A.F.A – As a draftsman I started by drawing 2d with cad programmes. I turned many 2d projects into 3d.

Then I heard about 3ds max and how it can render the scenes so realistic. So I decided to give it a try. But I didn’t like it somehow. Maybe it didn’t work with me, I don’t know.

So I decided to learn an other 3d software which is Sketchup. But there was a problem; Vray had no version for Sketchup. So I left the 3d in all matters.

But in 2017, after Chaos Group made a  vray version for Sketchup, I got back into 3d business again. I’ve been using Sketchup with vray since then.

3DE – Which 3d software do you use as main programme?

A.F.A – Although 3ds max is the best 3d software, I still use Sketchup.

3DE – Which render engine do you use tor render your scenes?

A.F.A – Of course I use Vray.


3DE – When we check your works you always work on classical exterior scenes. Is there a special reason fort his?

A.F.A – Hehe, I like this question. As you wrote, I really like making classical style  scenes. Because I wanna be different. I see that most of the Sketchup users make modern scenes. So, I chose to be different and work on the hard way.

3DE – Would you please tell us your workflow from beginning to end please?

A.F.A – As I said in the beginning of interview, I don’t have a proper workflow. Art is like breathing for me so I make my scenes as my heart tells me to.


3DE – Do you use Photoshop or a similiar software for post-production?

Yes, I definitely use it to give my render a more realistic look


3DE – What kind of difficulties do you face in this exterior design business?

A.F.A – The most difficult part of a design is to decide the mood of the scene for me. I mean; I think which part of the day I must aim; morning, afternoon, night etc… I always get confused on this phase. But I can tell this; the most of the people like sunset lighting. You can Show your models more clearly.

3DE – What’s your main goal for the future?

A.F.A – I have no limits. I want to make art forever. It’s in my blood. Sometimes I try to give it a break and rest for a while but it doesn’t work : )) I want to make greater scenes and shock the people. Because people are amazed when these kind of detailed scenes are made with Sketchup instead of 3ds max. So I’ll enjoy this.


3DE – What’s your advices for newbies?

A.F.A – Always be different from the others. That’s the key to success.