EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW >> Antonio Saccomanno


3DE – First of all; Please, introduce yourself briefly

S.A- Hello everyone, my name is Antonio Saccomanno, I am 39 years old and I live in Italy in Milan.


3DE – How and when did you get involved in 3d business?

S.A- I started in 2010, just by chance. I was leaving a bad period. It was there, by chance (thanks also to my brother) that discover this world. At that time, I did not even know what a computer was and I first had to learn the basics, I did not even know how to create a folder on the desktop! ahahhaha

It must be said that I have always been good at drawing, since my childhood.

Anyway, at that moment, I found an outlet and thanks to the internet I learned very quickly. From there, little by little begins to get noticed and slowly, I found the courage to abandon my previous work as a barman, but it was not easy at all.

3DE – Which 3D software do you use as your main program?

S.A- My basic software is Cinema4d.


3DE – Which rendering engine do you use to render your scenes?

S.A-  I like  Octane renderer and otoy rendering engines. Up until 2 years ago I used Vray, which always remains an excellent engine.

3DE – We see that you always work in external scenes. Is there a special reason for this?

Let’s say that the exterior fascinates me more than the interior, this because I prefer to work on scenes that are not too clean and perfect. So, in the exteriors, I can more easily express myself. I love dirty objects, giving them a lived effect, etc.  Clearly if I’m commissioned to an interior, I do the job that I still hope, however, on an exterior!


3DE – Could you tell us what kind of process you follow while creating a scene?


S.A- Sure, first thing coffee, a lot of coffee !!! So start immediately with the search on the internet, many, many references. Hand in hand the gap that remains only with the most ‘beautiful according to my taste. From there, I start to shape the scene, but with very low details, starting to “weigh” the elements for the composition.For this, I often use movies, I’m very careful about the shots. Once modeled, I perform the first tests with light, without materials. I try to immediately see the beauty in my mind by providing the different behavior of texturized objects in the scene.

Light plays a very important role. Once lightened, I like the mood. I begin to fill the scene with details, but never too many, I always try to leave an empty space.

Here I begin with the plots, I am very careful as I said before, in the colors and to fill all the cracks in the material, at least those that according to the effect are necessary.

Logically, the scene is not that I can not touch it anymore, if there is something in the composition that does not come back to me, I will correct it.

Finally, there is the post production, even here I try not to overdo it,

I do not do it with ” trick ”, I just try to exalt what is already there.



3DE – Do you use Photoshop or similar software for post-production?

S.A- For static images I use Photoshop and for the videos I use after the effect. I recently started with ” Da Vinci solve ” for the videos. Right now I’m hacking the latter, hoping not to create problems


3DE – What kind of difficulties do you find in this internal design activity?

S.A- No, I do not find it difficult, I find it less fun to work on an exterior and if you ask me,

it takes 4 times longer to make the scene !!!

3DE – What is your main goal for the future?

S.A- The main objective is still ongoing. It’s a secret project and I can not reveal it. However, if things go well, you’ll see it soon :)))

 3DE – What is your advice for newbies?

S.A- I recommend proceeding calmly, do not try to do a thousand things together because this is a world too ‘capillarized’. Start with modeling, everything starts from there, try to become good, the world around us is full of details, you do not have to save yourself.

In the meantime, read about photography, because in the end we are photographers, but the set we have to build it ourselves.

Try to understand the light how it works (photography) Try to understand the materials, with all their behavior

These are the primary things, referring to my experience.

Before rendering, I waited a few months, I wanted to be able to model at least medium / simple objects alone.

We must learn from the reality that surrounds us.


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