3DE – First of all, would you please shortly introduce yourself:

E.C. – Well to start with, my name is Eugene Cañete Caasi aka “Eagle Eye or Soyweird”.  I had always been fascinated with art in general, may it be poetry, photography, digital art or 3D visuals-architecture and interior design.


3DE – How and when did you get involved in 3d business?

E.C.  As far as my memory could take me, the year was 1998 when my future in 3D was sealed. I started learning AutoCAD (release 11) and Photoshop 7 while studying B.S. in Architecture at the University of Mindanao, Davao, Philippines.  Until Then, a great friend of mine introduced me to Discreet 3ds Max 4 in 2000. With no real 3d people surrounding me and no internet that time, I face various struggles as one of the only few 3d designers in my city.

In 2005, I had decided to seek for a greener pasture in Dubai, UAE leaving behind my most charming wife Lucille, daughter Jordze (5 yrs. old then) & my son Abztract (3 yrs. old then) behind. And so my real 3d journey began.

I was blessed to had worked as a 3d designer for architectural & interior @ MJU Interiors in Oud Metha, Dubai for 6 years, before I’d decided to  transfer to my current job. I am presently working as a senior 3d designer for architectural and interior concepts at Emsquare engineering & interiors in Dubai, UAE from 2011 up to date.  Our company has 35 on-going projects (multi-level luxurious apartments, commercial buildings, towers, high-end villas in the most expensive properties in Palm Jumeirah and various interior spaces.  A total of more than 20 fruitful years working in this industry still keeps me excited to wake up in the morning and click the mouse, hoping to create yet another new concept.

3DE – Which 3d software do you use as main programme?


E.C. I basically use 3dsmax but initially create the plans in Autocad especially for

architectural and interiors.


3DE – Which render engine do you use to render your scenes?


E.C. I never had used any engine aside for vray but I am planning to learn corona though.

3DE – When we check your works you always work on really different scenes other than usual interior and exterior scenes. Is there a special reason for this?


E.C. This is an interesting question. Creating architectural concepts and interior designs are so challenging to do – they satisfy the company boss and the clients as well and they certainly pay the bill.

But I definitely believe that 3d artist are story-tellers.  So, by doing 3d artwork outside of my main job, I express a complex feeling of deeper passion. It captivates me in away when I create exquisite details, when I see aged textures with complicated lights, shadows and moods. 3d art crosses the barriers of language, cultures and religions.

A single story-telling image conveys a great feeling of emotion beyond words and that itself is an art. For me these kind of art work are food to my soul.


3DE – Would you please tell us your workflow from beginning to end please?

E.C. When I am doing for architectural & interiors, I often starts with research. Like gathering all infomation about the project, searching ideas through the internet, looking at my previous resources just to gain main knowledge before creating anything out of it yet. That’s what I call planning ahead Then, create the floor plans & elevations in Autocad.  Then creating my 3d model and texturing in 3dsmax, setup my camera, put some lights to illuminate the scene, then final render. More often than not I save the final output in tiff format for better information of the image.  And lastly do my post-processing in photoshop.

3DE – Do you use Photoshop or a similiar software for post-production?


E.C. Yeah I do use only photoshop for my post-production with nik software plugins.


3DE – What kind of difficulties do you face in this interior design business?


E.C. First challenge for me is maintaining client expectations. Most of the clients are not really into the technical aspect of it.  So, I always explain the basic procedures of how to go about the stuffs they expect from me.  And show them previous projects I had undergone to gain their trust. For me, it is the best way to sell yourself to clients.

Second, selling your ideas like the trends and the timeless style.  Convincing them how to go about the design base on the architectural exterior look of the any given project.

Lastly, time management. Most clients, when they asked for the design today, actually they wanted it 2 days back. It sound ridiculous but that’s the harsh reality of this business.  Speed can kill as they say.  So working within fast turnarounds has always been my mantra to survive and thrive in this field.


3DE – What’s your main goal for the future?


E.C. My foremost goal in this business had always been the same.  That is to maintain giving good impressions to clients may it be architectural designs or interior concepts. To keep clients fulfill their dreams, or having been a part of those ambitions through creating initial concepts to achieving reality, not only the artistic side of it but also the monetary rewards that go with it.

Being a part of a big company, my goal is just simply to continue creating concepts for these chosen fields(architecture and interior design) until I can do no more. For, this is my legacy.

3DE – What’s your advices for newbies?

E.C. First, always learn the basics of the field that you want to pursue. It means. ask yourself what really are your personal interests. Then decide where you want to specialize in. In this regard, you now have the essential answer to your question.

Second, pick first a 3d software that you want to learn.  Say, 3dsmax. Then study the fundamentals, like modelling, texturing, lighting and final render. Study also photoshop for your post-production.

Third, constantly browse any resources you can get to advance your skill all the more. Say for example go to youtube for video tutorials, ask some friends for 3d assets and other resources. If you have few extra money buy important 3d models for speedy work to hit the deadlines.

Lastly, surround yourself with friends of the same interests. Or better yet keep in touch with mentors which you look up to.  Never cease from pursuing to be the better version of yourself because learning is an unending process. Enjoy your 3d journey. It is fun and financially rewarding.

Special thanks to Master Inan Arslan for this opportunity. More power to 3d empire family.

If you want to view some of my 3d artwork just go to my webpages: